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Shuffle Performances. Empty Shuffle Performances.

Post by star.SHUFFLE on Sun Feb 17, 2008 5:12 am

hi pplz..
am i aloud to post here if im not a infinite member?? O_o
sorry im new to diz.

well i jus wanna ask if there are shuffle performances around end of this yr.
because i wud like to see a few.. if any of u noe.. plz update me =].
*wen i mean performance .. i mean as in free .. like a bunch of random audience.. *
like Klang Parade(KP) or mid valley . one utama. the mines. etc. =] ..
KL,Selangor, Klang <-- dat is where i will be staying
any1 live near that area?

and another question... arent u guys hot wearing hoodies while shuffling??..
malaysia is hot .

i can understand australia pplz wearing hoodie coz here it is cold sometimes.


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